Tradeshow FAQs


  1. Where should I ship tradeshow materials?
    Please ship your tradeshow booth materials to the following address:

    Executive Airport Plaza
    Attn: AFS Tradeshow 2015 – Maswood Schah
    Boardroom A – 7311 Westminster Hwy
    Richmond, BC V6X 1A3
    Tel: 604-278-5555

  2. Are there additional fees for handling?
    The hotel does not provide handling services.  Please ensure that your courier unloads your shipment and delivers to “Boardroom A.”  Directions will be provided by the front desk staff upon arrival.
  3. If I am shipping my tradeshow materials, when can they arrive?
    Storage at the hotel is limited so please ensure that your materials deliver no earlier than Thurs/Fri, February 12th-13th.  If they arrive before this date, there is no guarantee that shipments will be accepted.
  4. How do I ship my materials home at the end of the show?
    The Executive Airport Plaza will have waybills at the front desk.  You will be responsible for filling these out and arranging a pick-up for all of your materials.  Front desk can provide numbers and phone for you or you can pre-arrange your own courier.
  5. Can I carry in my own freight and/or use the dock area for unloading?
    Yes.  If you are arriving prior to the scheduled set up time (Monday, February 16th, 15:30-20:00), see a front desk agent and they will show you to “Boardroom A,” where your materials can be stored no earlier than Thursday, February 12th.
    If arriving the day of the event, please feel free to drop your materials at the loading bay that leads directly into the tradeshow venue: Grand Ballroom C.  Again, a front desk agent will provide directions and assistance.
  6. Should I label my shipment a certain way when shipping?
    Yes. Please refer to the address in Question 1, making sure to label your shipment to the attention of AFS Tradeshow 2015- Maswood Schah.  This is very important to ensure that your goods are accepted at the venue and stored appropriately until your arrival.
  7. How does my shipment get to my booth from Boardroom A?
    You will be responsible for moving your materials from the storage room to the tradeshow floor: Grand Ballroom C.  It is a short walk through the hotel and there will be Bellboys present should you wish to pay for their services.


  1. What furnishings come with my booth?
    A 6 ft. or 8 ft. table (whichever you select on the exhibitor form), a white tablecloth, and 2 standard chairs.  If you require an electrical outlet for your booth, please ensure you bring extension cord(s).

Set up

  1. When can we begin setting up our tradeshow displays?
    You can move your materials into the tradeshow venue- Grand Ballroom C and setup between the hours of 15:30 and 20:00 on Monday, February 16th.
  2. When can we takedown tradeshow displays?
    Booth teardown will be on Thursday, February 19th, from 10:15-12:00, though you are welcome to takedown earlier if you wish.