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Science Communications Fisheries science communications in context: Communications at NOAA Fisheries and the role of scientists in generating change Howell, Ruth Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Science Communications Why Should I Care? The Media’s Perspective on Science Kingdon, Ami Hakai Magazine
Science Communications Communicating Fisheries Science: What Works and What Doesn’t Communicating Science Using Communication Science Schreier, Sarah Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society
Contributed Advances in Incubation methods to reduce water use, control rate of development, eliminate chemical use and allow for otoliths marking. Jones, Tod Redd Zone, LLC
Communicating fisheries science Watch and learn: Fun and effective applications to communicating science through video Burt, Jenn, M. Simon Fraser University
contributed or SAR Overview of Aquatic Species at Risk in British Columbia: Assessment and Recovery Planning Wilson, Greg B.C. Ministry of Environment
  Harnessing Social Media for Science Sun, Elayne, M. Pacific Salmon Foundation
Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore Final results of a transfer experiment to help evaluate juvenile Chinook salmon survival in an estuary Colin Levings Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Science Branch, Pacific, Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research, 4160 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC Canada V7V 1N6
Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore MOVEMENT AND SURVIVAL OF OUT-MIGRATING FRASER RIVER SOCKEYE SALMON SMOLTS IN FRESHWATER AND MARINE ENVIRONMENTS Hinch, Scott, G. Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, University of British Columbia. Vancouver BC
Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore Juvenile sockeye mortality and residence time in the Strait of Georgia and to northern Queen Charlotte Strait Rechisky, Erin, L Kintama Research Services
Endangered Species Act & Species At Risk Backcountry Baselines: Using space-for-time substitutions in Species-at-Risk monitoring Sullivan, Sierra Parks Canada
Endangered Species Act and Species At Risk Umatilla dace spawning in the unregulated Slocan River: first steps toward recovery planning in the hydro-regulated Columbia River Keeler, Rachel Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure
Student Papers Effects of dynamic migratory conditions and an altered olfactory landscape on Pacific salmon migration in a regulated river Middleton, Collin, T University of British Columbia - Pacific Salmon Conservation and Ecology Lab
Contributed Fish Habitat Compensation Planning, Desing, and Construction: the Mount Milligan Experience Horne, Brad, D Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure
contributed Habitat Optimization Model for Ecosystems HOME® - Make Better Decisions about Restoration Design and Monitoring. Wright, Wayne, S. GeoEngineers, Inc.
Contributed Unreported catch: the value of information Rudd, Merrill B. University of Washington
Communication Aquatic networking event Coastal Connection Vancouver explores the successes and challenges of bridging assessment, research, and conservation across multiple sectors Lawson, Julia, M Simon Fraser University
Communication Attraction of migrating adult sockeye salmon to conspecifics in the absence of natal chemical cues Bett, Nolan N UBC
Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore Is harbour seal predation on smolts impeding the recovery of Chinook and coho salmon in the Salish Sea? Nelson, Benjamin, W University of British Columbia
Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore Scat DNA sequencing reveals that harbour seals in the Strait of Georgia target salmon species of concern in the juvenile life stage Thomas, Austen, C University of British Columbia
Session Name : Presentation Title: Presenter Name: Presenter Affiliation:
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